Folding Styles

At Instafoil we are able to facilitate custom folds – however, we commonly provide these different folding styles to the majority of our customers.

Reverse Tuck End Boxes

More commonly termed as RTE Boxes. The reverse tuck end boxes are designed in a manner whose upper closure comes from the back to the front while the bottom goes from the front to the back. The opening and closing of the reverse tuck end boxes is easy which makes the box to be used again for longer time without damaging the quality of the box and keeping it in fresh and intact form. These boxes are more secure than any other kind and ensure that the products inside the boxes remain inside and do not fall off from here or there.

Straight Tuck End Boxes

Used for a lot of products and they are easily customizable as well in any style and design that the clients look forward to. There are numerous kinds of boxes that we reach out to on daily purposes. However, what we fail to recognize is the type of the box. We are all well aware of the straight tuck end boxes but we don’t recognize the kind by its original name. Straight Tuck end boxes are utilized for several boxes and are the most easily available ones in the market as well. Several products are enclosed inside them and it works amazingly for all sorts of merchandises.

Seal End Boxes

These are unique packaging boxes. They come in different custom shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. You can request for any shape, sizes, or colors you want, and we will deliver it to you right away. We have one of the best packaging team in the industry that ensures that all the packaging boxes we deliver are up to industry standards.

Tuck End Auto Bottom Boxes

These boxes are very easy to fold. They are also pre-glued from both the sides as well as the bottom area. Demand for any unique size, shape, color, or design that will add more value to your business and brand and we will customize it for you right away. Our team of experts is always ready to deliver astonishing packaging boxes that will take your business to the next level. With premium printing technology and techniques.

The Gable Bag Box with Auto Bottom

This is glued on the bottom by the custom folding cartons manufacturer and allows for quick loading. It is primarily used for custom cosmetic boxes and custom food boxes.

The Four Corner Tray with Lid

Typically set up, loaded and closed by hand. It is suitable for a broad range of relatively light products and is commonly used for custom food boxes (custom bakery boxes) and custom medical boxes.

The Six Corner Tray

This is shipped flat to the customer and is typically set up and loaded by hand. It is commonly used for custom food boxes and custom medical boxes.

Pillow Box

The following is a unique shape and is used for custom cosmetic boxes, custom food boxes (custom candy boxes), and custom retail boxes.

Display Box

This is designed to provide a point-of-purchase unit for holding a number of individual packages or products. It does not need to be glued. The retailer simply opens the top of the box and folds the lid back for easy advertising. Custom display boxes are commonly used for custom cosmetic boxes, custom food boxes, custom medical boxes, custom pharmaceutical packaging boxes, custom retail boxes, and custom toy boxes.

Dispenser Box Packaging

These are unique packaging boxes used to dispense different products in a very convenient way. It can also have an opening tray at the bottom of the package. However, these unique packaging boxes can be used in medicine packaging, retail packaging, candy bar packaging, tea packaging, as well as food packaging.

Hexagon Box

All six sides are the same dimension in a hexagon box, however it is frequently produced with the front and rear panels greater in length than the left and right side panels. Either way, it folds flat. Hexagon boxes are primarily used for custom cosmetic boxes, custom food boxes, custom retail boxes (for apparel), and custom toy boxes.

Punch Partition Boxes

These custom boxes are not only used for the safe delivery of the products to the market their beautiful packaging and colorful printing help attract sales when they are displayed on the store shelves. No matter how carefully the shipping department handles your products; there is always a great risk of breakage involved. Being a manufacturer of goods that a fragile, it is your responsibility to spend as much as needed in making sure that your product reaches the market in a safe manner.

Self Lock Cake Boxes

These boxes are spacious, reliable and provides three-way locks to the users. It gives sufficient space to hold the food items and protect it heating to keep it usable for the longer time.